Captain Wayne King

Captain Wayne King has been a fixture of the Montauk fishing scene since 1980. Wayne started his fishing career when he and his dad would travel to Freeport from their home in New Jersey.  They would rent an outboard skiff and spend the day fishing Great South Bay. The family relocated to Huntington Long Island where his dad bought their first boat, a 40 foot Novi.  In 1960 Wayne’s dad started operating the charter boat King George from the Babylon Town Dock with Wayne as first mate.  Wayne would dig clams on off days, and the King George would spend a two week fishing vacation in Montauk each year.  In 1964 Wayne and his dad took on the building of a new boat, but before he got a chance to fish the new boat Wayne was drafted in the Army for the better part of two years.  When he returned home he continued to work with his father and in 1974 purchased his first boat from his uncle, the Capt Joe, a party boat in Freeport. In 1978 he contracted for a new Harkers Island charter boat which when completed in 1980 was brought to Montauk to fish full time.  From 1980 to 2008 the “King Wayne ” was one of Montauks most popular charter boats.  Capt. Wayne’s personality and fish catching ability kept him a favorite for almost 30 years!  During the last few years Wayne has been a Freelance Captain in Montauk and now is a welcome addition to  the Marlin Fleet Team.


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