Captain Eddie Beneduci

Fishing in Montauk since 1960,  Captain Ed brings a level of fishing experience that can be matched by few others.  His dedication to satisfying his customers and jovial presence has made him a favorite among Party Boat captains! Captain Eddie Beneduci came to America from Italy in 1956, on the last trip the Andrea Doria made before her tragic sinking. Ed worked as a mechanic, and would often come to Montauk to fish on Capt. Carl Forsbergs original Viking Star.  On one of these trips Carl had engine problems.  When Ed pithched in and got the engine running Carl rewarded Ed with a season pass to the boat.  Ed soon after was mating on the weekends and hooked on a fishing lifestyle.
Capt. Ed has fished with many of Long Islands legends of the party boat world.  He was on trips with Capt. Jay Porter when they discovered the Bacardi and Suffolk wrecks, and was instrumental in the first trips from Montauk to the Fluke and Porgy ground at Nomans Island.
Most of Ed’s fishing career was spent commercial fishing. An 18 foot outboard began his “pinhooking ” days in Montauk, followed by a 35 foot Bruno & Stilllman, the “PEPE”. It was on this boat in 1983 that Sal Vicari landed a World Record Seabass of 9 lbs.

Ed eventually moved to Tampa Florida and fished the Gulf of Mexico for snapper and grouper, but returned to Montauk in 1992 to work with the Viking Fleet. Ed branched out on his own in 1994 with the purchase of his first party boat, the MARLIN V, sailing from Salivars dock.  By 1997 he upgrade to the MARLIN VI and in 2004 Purchased his current boat the majestic 85′ MARLIN VI PRINCESS!

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